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Upcoming elections-midterm 2014

by TMAC on 10/26/14

So how important are these elections?  Well if you care about waking up everyday for the next several years with the reasaonable assumption that your individual liberties guaranteed by the constitution will still be in existance then you might want to study up on your candidates and vote for the ones that most closely adhere to the afforementioned document.  Over the past couple of decades and especially over the past six years I have watched as my country has been systematically torn apart at the seams.  The current administration and those who suppoort and fund it have forcibly taken us down a road that brings our republic closer and closer to a socialist tyranny run by a centralized bureacrosy headed by a self-serving dictator.  The corruption in the current federal government has reached all time highs or should I say lows.  I say this with a deep feeling of sadness.  How the people in this country have let this happen is beyond me.  We have been lulled into a false sense of security by the success of our fathers and the normalcy bias.  The truth is the world is full of people and governments that either want what we have or want to destroy what we have.  We have forgotten the lessons of the past and we have lost our vigilance.  So before election day, do some homework and be honest with yourself.  Don't let the current pop culture and propaganda mainstream media poison your thinking.  Look at mutliple sources, use your common sense, pray, and decide who should lead this country out of its current dilemma.  Just my thoughts...peace...terry

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