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Woulda, shoulda, coulda...

by TMAC on 12/28/13

As I review the last post I did I can't help but notice it has been a very, very long time since I have been active on this blog. Sorry, life has it's way of changing ones plans.  I had planned to blog at least once a week but as it would have it I simply got too busy with life and other things. I am going to attempt again to post on a more regular basis. So here goes..., so how's that "hope and change" stuff doing for everyone, America? Huh? Look, I'm not going to waste my time bashing the current president, his administration, the Congress, or the Supremes. There's plenty of that going on. And much of that criticism is fairly well deserved I'm afraid. But again that's not my job here.  What I hope to do, speaking of hope, is to add to the hue and cry of Americans that yearn for sanity, common sense, and a return to basic, constitutional fundamentals that has served our country well for over 220 years now. This magnificent document, the Constitution of the United States of America,  has seen us through wars, famine, prosperity, victories, and defeats. Under it we restored a divided nation after losing three quarters of a million of our own citizens to the musket, cannon, and blade. We rid ourselves of the immorality and horror of slavery and rebuilt a nation where indeed ALL men and women are free. People need to study history and heed its lessons. Our fight today is not among democrat, republican, or libertarian. It's not between the north and south. It's not among white, black, or hispanic. It's not between rich and poor. It is a fight of ideologies, plain and simple. History is replete with such struggles. As a people, we need to ignore what the current pop culture, mega-media propaganda machine is telling us and look at events and trends from a historical perspective. Ok, that's about all the time I've got right now but I will go into this in more detail as time goes by...just my thoughts...peace ya'll!...terry

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