Father's Day reflection...

by TMAC on 06/17/12

My dad was the most fearless, rock solid man I've ever had the privilege to know.  For my entire life I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that no matter what happened in my life, whether due to my own actions or to circumstances beyond my control, I could always depend on my dad for help, counsel, shelter, food, protection, and most important unconditional love.  I feel badly for those who for whatever reason were not blessed to be born to a father of the caliber of my dad.  Richard Earl McNeal, known to his friends and family as Earl, but to my big brother and myself as Dad.  He was born in the early 1920s to hard working parents in the south.  When the big depression hit in the late twenty's and early thirties he went to work with his dad as a lumber jack.  He was nine years old!  He did what he could to help my grandfather.  He would fetch water and tools and carry a back pack of food for the day.  He learned to catch snakes with his bare hands and sell them at the farmers market for meat.  When World War II came he joined the Navy.  He left home two months after Pearl Harbor was attacked and didn't come home until the end of the war in the fall of 1945.  During the war he served in the submarine service and in surface ships.  He was in the Pacific theater in submarines fighting the Japanese and he participated in the Normandy invasion against the Nazis.  He served with valor and distinction.  After the war he came home, met my mom, got married, settled down and proceeded on with life.  He never complained.  He never asked for anything from anybody.  He never expected the government to give him anything.  He served his country because it was the right thing to do.  It was his duty as an American.  My dad was the truest kind of patriot.  His country called.  He answered the call.  He served with courage and conviction.  He did the job.  He finished the job.  He came home and went on with life.  Period, end of sentence!  Thank God for men like my dad.  

Dad has been gone now almost ten years.  His influence on me is as strong as it has ever been.  Every day that goes by I lean on his wisdom.  I am so blessed to have had that man as my dad.  I miss him so much.  I love you Dad...just my thoughts...peace (through strength)...terry

The Wisconsin recall election...

by TMAC on 06/06/12

Alright, alright just everybody settle down.  Especially you liberal light-weights.  Hey I can say that because I use to be one until I grew a brain, did some research, and realized the truth of how this nation became great in the first place so SHUT UP!  The deal is this.  You had a governor that said he would come in and reduce the debt, cut costs, and streamline a few things in the government.  He got elected, he did what he said he was going to do and on my gosh he stepped on some public union toes and simply floated the idea of public employees paying some on their retirement and health care costs like the rest of the private sector and all of a sudden there is a giant whine fest.  Give me a break! The era of the "entitled generation" is over.  At least I hope it is.  Otherwise this great nation will go the way of Greece, France, Spain, Italy,...should I go on?  Look, I know there are all kinds of people in all kinds of life situations with all kinds of opinions.  But the bottom line is this.  Our greatest commodity as Americans is LIBERTY.  Individual freedom and sovereignty.  Anything and I mean anything that impedes that outside the bounds of the Constitution should and must be rejected at all costs.  I'd rather be dirt poor and totally free than have a government hand out and have be chained to the endless slavery of federal government bureaucracy.  That my friends is called "soft tyranny".  And history proves that soft tyrannies ultimately turn into hard, totalitarian dictatorships.  History always repeats itself.  Fact of life...just my thoughts...peace (through strength)...terry

Back from the abyss!

by TMAC on 06/02/12

Hey everyone,

As you can see the site is back up.  We went through some trying times last year but things are back on track and looking up.  I don't want to burden you with the details but it involved situations that many folks are having to deal with these days, e.g.; job, stress, finances, and general life chaos!  With God's help and guidance and the amazing support and counsel of my awesome wife and kids we are once again "on course, flying straight and level" to borrow an aviation term.
I am currently finishing up a new batch of tunes and will begin publishing them here for your perusal.  Also check back here at the BLOG page for other stories and morsels of information.  I just might start opining and/or bloviating about current national and global events.  So look out!!!
As always, keep a positive attitude...just my thoughts...peace (through strength)...terry

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